Bless a Sole in Need 2018


Our annual Bless a Sole in Need sock & undies drive is underway. Once again, we have baskets in the lobbies of Pinnacle Banks for your donations. Like last year, you can find collection baskets in Keene, Cleburne, Joshua and Burleson, as well as new locations in Mansfield and Benbrook to serve listeners in our expanded listening area. Last year, we collected more than a 1200 pairs of socks and almost 300 pair of underwear to share with those in need.

We’ll have baskets starting Monday, Nov. 12th and we'll pick up the baskets on Friday, Dec. 7th and get them divided up and delivered to Operation Blessing of Johnson County in Cleburne and to Harvest House in Burleson to give away to families in need this Christmas.  We are also looking for ministry parters in Mansfield and Benbrook. Thank you for your generosity and for going out of your way to help others. And thanks to Pinnacle Bank for allowing us to invade your lobbies again this year.

A Little, Silly Life


Three states. A twenty-five-page final paper and starting a new doctoral class. Grading for midterm grades in two classes. Sharathon aftermath. And my wife up North with the grand puppy for time with her family. All in just a few weeks. My life seems a little silly sometimes.

One of my favorite bible accounts can be found in Mark, chapter six. The chapter opens with Jesus preaching in His hometown, where a prophet has little honor. He sends the disciples out in pairs where they preach new life, heal the sick and cast out demons, causing Herod to believe John the Baptist was back from the dead.  When they returned to Jesus and shared their adventures, He said let’s take a break and get some rest, because in their comings and goings, they didn’t have time to eat.  After a boat ride into the wilderness, people still gathered from far and wide to hear Jesus, which led to feeding the five thousand, with a basket of leftovers for each disciple. The chapter closes with Jesus walking on water, calming the disciples, and healing everyone who came to Him.

One truth shines out of the account for me, when I’m playing at being a busy ministry leader.  Even when I’m running too fast to eat, He calls me to stop and be with Him. Though He has made physical provision for me, He is more concerned with my spiritual nourishment and my time with Him.

So, it’s time to stop playing busy ministry leader, close my computer, find some quiet place, and spend some much-needed time in the Word, listening to Him.  Feel free to join me.

For 88.3 The Journey®, I’m General Manager Mike Agee.

Fall Sharathon Results

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! All glory and honor to God, from who all blessings flow!

Thank you to more than 500 listeners who were part of this Fall Sharathon, many of them for the very first time. A special thanks to two dozen volunteers who came and gave of their time to answer phones, pray with listeners and provide delicious snacks and refreshments. We appreciate you helping make Sharathon a success. More than $109,000!

A big thanks to Savala’s Breakfast Burritos, Mountain Coffee, ScumRX Vehicle Detailing, Keene Church, Mr. Jim’s Pizza, Red House Coffee Roasters, Our Daily Zucchini Bread, Chef Sualua at Southwestern’s Cafeteria, Dainty Cakes by Miranda, Olivia's Cafe and Catering, Mike Jones at Berkshire Hathaway Realtors, and J & B Electric for providing food, snacks and coffee to see us through the week.

If you haven't had a chance to make your gift for Fall Sharathon, click here to make a gift. Our goal is $150,000. Thank you for your support.

Manager Mike