Longing for Forever

Dear friends from Idaho went out of their way by many hours and spent the night in a hotel to have breakfast with Wanda and I a few days ago. We had a delightful time, reminiscing and catching up on our kids, work, etc.  But all too quickly, two hours was up and they had to get back on the road to Houston to catch their plane home to Idaho. It was a delight to see friends of more than twenty years, but sad to see them go because we didn’t have enough time.

I praise God that eternity looms for His children.  One day soon I pray, time will no longer have a steely grip on our lives. No longer will we be pressed for time when we’re with friends.  And more importantly, those we love will never age, will never grow sick, and will never die. The consequences of sin, time and sickness and death, will cease to exist.  I’m longing for those days.  How about you?  Even so Lord Jesus, please come quickly.

For 88.3 The Journey, I’m General Manager Mike Agee.