Thank You

Whew! That was some fun. And as the Bill and Larry Sharathon Circus heads into the sunset, we bid them a fond farewell and have an opportunity to say thank you.

First, a big thank you to our volunteers Kerri-Jean, Olga, Lisa, George, Abi, Julie, Christina, Ron & Elizabeth for sharing their precious time with us. And thanks to my student staff, Stephanie, Makala, Jonny and Jonathan who went the extra mile for us and found some time in their busy college schedules to help out during Sharathon. And to Savala’s Breakfast Burritos in Alvarado for breakfast. Yummy.

Thank you to dozens of our listeners who were praying for us during Sharathon. Your prayer support for us anytime is always appreciated. The devil doesn’t want us doing what we’re doing. Your prayer support is vital to our success.

And of course, thank you to the hundreds of our listeners who are financial supporters of The Journey. You help make this ministry possible.

And finally, a big thanks to those of you who wanted to do more, but couldn’t. We understand sometimes circumstances get in the way. Know that we appreciate your desire to help and know you will take the opportunity to support us when you can. And know we really do believe God will take care of our needs and yours when we walk together.

For 88.3 The Journey, I’m a pretty tired General Manager Mike Agee.