New Beginnings

I love this time of year.  New beginnings are in the air.

Kids head back to school with new backpacks full of fresh pink erasers and pencils with no teeth dents in them.  Our campus is awash in proud seniors who are now hesitant freshman, with a tint of nervousness in their eyes, unsure of where they belong or what they should be doing.

Even I’m going back to school this fall. The plan is to finally finish the master’s degree in communication I started almost twenty-five years ago.  And at 52, I’ll have to admit to a little nervousness and hesitance myself. Just one more in a whole season of new beginnings for me recently.

Makes me thankful for the new blessings I receive from the Father every day. I’m all too quick to focus on the past, things I would change or do different or wish had never happened, always seeking the do-over. He is quick to remind me today is a new day, filled with possibilities and blessings and a chance to do today better than I did yesterday.

How are you going to spend your do-over today?

For 88.3 The Journey, I’m General Manager Mike Agee.