The Empty Nest

Most of his clothes and books are packed. Mom included some pans and I even kicked in a few of my Chicago Cutlery blades in the kitchen box.  And for the first time since he was like five, his closet is mostly clean.  All that remains now is the long round trip to Chicago, with stops in Missouri and Michigan to visit with Meemaw and Babaw.  Our baby boy will be on his own in a few days.

Our prayer since our sons were born was that we would be good parents, teaching them about God and life and raising them into fine young men, who can make their own way in the world. I think they’ve turned out all right, especially considering who their dad is.  Thank God for their mother.  She’s amazing!

Like most things in life, though, only time will tell. We’ll continue to pray for them and be available when they need us for advice and encouragement. The hard part will be not to nag them for grandchildren so we can do a better job next time around.  I suppose they should have wives first, though.

For 88.3 The Journey, I’m on the road to an empty nest and still General Manager Mike Agee.