Seek First the Kingdom

I hate to admit it, but I’m having trouble seeking first the kingdom of God. I’m worried about whether I have the energy to be a student.  I’m worried about finances, both my own and at The Journey.  I worry about my sons on their own without mom and dad nearby.  I’m worried about the economy and the political situation in our country. I have to face it. I’m worried about stuff today and I’m especially worried about stuff for tomorrow and the day after.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus stood on a hill and talked to the children of Israel, who were worried about their families, their jobs, their economy and the Roman oppressors walking their streets.  Jesus said the pagans run after these things, but the Father knows you need them.  Seek Him first and He’ll take care of the rest.  And then He says not to worry about tomorrow too quickly, since today has enough trouble of its own.

Thanks for listening to me whine.  Thanks for praying for me.  Now I think I’ll spend some time seeking.  Can you tell I’ve been a little lax recently?    

For 88.3 The Journey, I’m General Manager Mike Agee.