One of the 300

New Home for 88.3 the journey

New Home for 88.3 the journey

The angel of the Lord found him in a wine press, beating out wheat. He said Gideon, I have chosen you to save Israel. Gideon responded I think you have the wrong guy, Lord. I am the least in my family, which is of the tribe of Manasseh, the least of the tribes of Israel.  The Lord said I will be with you, which even today, means the deed is already done. Gideon called the tribes together and when God was done whittling that army, there were 300 left. And the combined armies of Midianites and Amalekites were driven out.

The first few weeks of January have been pretty busy for us.  With thanks to Huguley Hospital for the use of a former doctor’s office, the Journey is getting a new home. With our reserves, and a generous anonymous gift, we have begun work converting a doctor’s office into a radio station. You can see more photos by clicking here and on our Facebook page. We still have equipment to buy and install. Which means the Journey could use the help of another Gideon’s Army. An army of 300, providing a onetime gift of three hundred dollars, will provide the $90,000 we need to finish the project.

Would you prayerfully consider taking one of the remaining 299 places in this Gideon’s Army, joining Wanda and I in this exciting new opportunity for the Journey?  Click here to make a secure, one time donation and join Gideon’s Army.

Thank you for your prayers and for your support.