Spring In The Air


The Spring rains have begun. Temperatures are growing warmer and days are growing longer. My lawn is starting to green up. And Wanda is beginning to make noise about replacing plants and shrubs that we lost over the winter. Spring is upon us.

If you are new to the Journey® family, you should know the arrival of Spring also means the coming of our Spring Sharathon. I’m sure you realize, raising money isn’t the easiest task, but it’s how we stay on the air. It’s also good for us, because it reminds us how God always provides for this ministry. And He always does it through listeners like you. Better yet, it also draws us together and gives us a desire to see God bless you in big ways!

So, I’m praying Psalm 127 for you as we put the finishing touches on Spring Sharathon. We’re praying God will build your house, guard your city and shower blessings on you and your family. And as you give to The Journey®, know you are part of something greater. We’re building things together that will last long after we are gone and have an impact for eternity!

The Journey® Spring Sharathon starts Tuesday, March 27. We’ll be asking you to join our team. Will you be praying about it even now? Because you’re just as much a part of this ministry through your giving, as I am on this side of the microphone.

For 88.3 The Journey®, I’m General Manager Mike Agee.