Take a Look Around

"Is she one of your majors? Yes. She was in an accident tonight and care-flighted to Harris downtown. I believe she is in surgery now."

Never the words you want to see appear on your phone screen as you are headed to bed. I was dressed and flying down Chisholm Trail Parkway in just a few minutes to be there for one of my kids, and more importantly, for her parents when they arrived from Austin. They were trusting me to help take care of their baby girl.

Turns out she was headed back to campus with another one of my students and apparently, a front tire went flat, over corrected and the pick-up rolled. Thank you, Lord, they were both wearing their seat belts. After four hours of surgery and a couple of days in ICU, one is home, improving daily and hopes to be back in classes in a couple of weeks, beginning her classwork on her computer. The other is back on campus, with her roommate behind her wheelchair getting her to class and the cafeteria. They both should recover fully, neither with permanent damage.

How quickly life changes. One second you are excited about a new school year and the next you are sitting in a waiting room at three in the morning, waiting for someone you care about to come out of surgery.

Take a look around today. See anyone who would leave a gaping hole in your life if they were gone? Pull them close and tell them so. Tomorrow holds no guarantees.

For 88.3 The Journey, I’m a very thankful General Manager Mike Agee.