The One Thing

My pout has turned to a tentative smile now, because just one thing remains. The soil coring reports came back fine and with no surprises. The final construction drawings have been prepared, stamped and delivered to the city for a building permit. Now we wait just a few more days, we hope, for construction to begin on our new tower.

In the meantime, we’ve arranged for someone to do the dirt and backhoe work. The guy-wire anchors are fabricated. The tower is down and in transit. The top tower mast is designed and in fabrication and the antenna is nearly completed. All of the moving parts seem to be coming together, and yet there is just one more thing.

Also, school has started, our student workers are back and I’m in the classroom again. Oh yeah, Sharathon is in four weeks. My life gets pretty silly some days.

But thinking about the one thing that remains for the tower, makes me think about other one things in my life, including the most important thing. God the Son reminds us about the most important one thing, “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” And He added another just like it, just as important, “love your neighbor as yourself.” Everything else flows from those two.

Makes me think about all the things I think are important. Only to be reminded God thinks only one thing is important, that we love Him with everything, which is best evidenced in how we love each other. How have I shown my love for Him today?

For 88.3 The Journey, I’m General Manager Mike Agee, trying to focus on The One Thing.