Fourteen Days

Fourteen days. Just fourteen days.

I have been a broadcaster since February of 1978, so more than 38 years now. In all of my time in the business of building and managing radio stations, I have never witnessed or heard of the Federal Communication Commission acting on a application in just fourteen days. One of my applications in Idaho languished for almost fourteen years. The application for The Journey to build our new tower and antenna was approved in just fourteen days. Two weeks exactly. God is so very good.

Once I have a building permit from the city, we can start pushing dirt and pouring concrete for pads. The tower is paid for. All that remains, the $40,000 we need for the new antenna system and mounting hardware.

Sharathon starts in a few days. Will you pray for these very important three days? Our Goal is $125,000 again this Spring. My desire is to raise that just as fast as we can, so we have the resources to continue our daily ministry. Then we can tackle the remainder for the new antenna, which will spread our signal over hundreds of thousands of potential new listeners and improve the signal for you and me every day.

Can I count on you? Thanks in advance for your prayers and support.

For 88.3 The Journey, I'm General Manager Mike Agee.