Valentine's Day Love


There is something more important than chocolate and roses, than having a Valentine or not having one. As Valentine's Day approaches, let's take this opportunity as an excuse to love everyone, not just those who are close to us.

You are His "Valentine" everyday, and all year long He showers his gifts of love on us. Jesus asks us to do the same thing to others. 88.3 The Journey is giving you a "Drive-by Valentine Card" to give away. Just print up this link and share with those you run across that God loves them very much. 

I suggest paying for the person behind you in the drive-thru and giving this card to the window cashier to give to the person behind you. If you go out to eat, leave this behind with a generous tip. Get creative, and let me know what you did,

Love someone else this Valentine's season, because Jesus loves you everyday!