Thank You

Thank you for your prayers, your messages of encouragement and concern for my family and me. My mother is no longer in pain and is free from cancer. Our family gathered for a wonderful memorial to celebrate her life and her influence in our lives late last week.

My path home to Texas Sunday afternoon was blocked by two highway-closing accidents in Dallas.  When I walked in the house three hours later than expected, I discovered water dripping from an air conditioner vent in the kitchen. The next morning, I stumbled trying to vacuum the pool, which turned green while I was gone, fell and hit the coping around the pool and into the water. There is now a foot long bruise across my chest, six inches from my head, which could have rendered me unconscious.  Not a good thing when you’re near a pool.  The last few days has been eventful, to say the least.

It makes me wonder what the devil is so worried about next week during Sharathon.  You think maybe he doesn’t want us to hear what God is doing through this ministry?  Maybe he doesn’t want to see us reach our next six-month goal?

We’ve got a lot to accomplish this week for Sharathon and we could use your help as phone volunteers, prayer partners, donors, and refreshment providers. Thanks in advance for being involved next week. Find our how you can be involved in the story below.

And thanks again for all of the love. It meant much to me.

For 88.3 The Journey, I’m General Manager Mike Agee.