Who's Depending on You?


I had occasion to travel not long ago and the privilege to be on a Horizon Dash 8, a fine turbo prop commuter plane built for travelers of lesser stature and girth than myself. I was even more blessed to be in row 8, looking out my window directly at the propeller.

As we pushed away from the gate on our way home, I saw the young gate workers slouched lethargically on the seats of the tram they used to push the plane away from the gate, obviously hot and tired in their coveralls from getting us ready for departure. As we headed away, my thought was “I hope they did their jobs well and didn’t forget something, since my life depends on it.”

Obviously, I made it home, but it made me think some about the things I take for granted and who’s depending on me to get those things right.  Who’s depending on you to get things done right in your life? A scary thought indeed, sometimes.

Don’t forget, we’re on the King’s side and He promised to help us with those things, to guide our footsteps and guard our path. That includes those looking to us, if we’re looking to Him.

Looking to Him for 88.3 The Journey, I’m General Manager Mike Agee.