Merry Christmas

This Christmas marks a new reality in my home; we’ll be without our boys or extended family on Christmas Day.  The boys are on the West coast and can’t get time off from work and we can’t go anywhere else because of our commitments here.  As the holidays do for many of us, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, thinking about loved ones both past and present and longing for a celebration when we will all be together again.

I’m reminded God feels the same way about us. This Christmas season we’re celebrating is His solution to the longing He feels to be with His family. Christmas, the celebration of God taking the form of man, leads inevitably to Easter, the celebration of God’s sacrifice for our sins. One day we will celebrate the birth and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus, face to face with Him. My Bible says it going to be quite a celebration.

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Merry Christmas. Have a blessed and happy New Year. And thank you for your support and prayers for the Journey.  I’m General Manager Mike Agee.