You Would Think

Caleb & Tricia.jpg

You would think after twenty-five years of writing them, I would be better at making my point in my Manager’s Memos. Apparently I still need the practice. So let me clarify from my last memo.

My oldest son Caleb is getting married in a few days to a wonderful young woman named Tricia. Tricia and Caleb have known each for three years. Apparently, there was some confusion, thinking my last memo indicated they were marrying because they needed to. My fault for not making that clear. Caleb and I talked after the two of them had a serious “when are we going to have kids” talk.

This, as every husband-to-be will tell you, triggered some internal questions about being a husband and a dad, that almost always center on worthiness. I thank God every day both of my sons still want to talk to their dad when they have questions they want answers to. It is an honor and privilege to hold that place in their lives.

As we get closer to this momentous life change, I know they would appreciate your prayers as they start a new life together.  So would Wanda and I, since we have been praying for Tricia since before she was born. We believe God has, once again, answered our prayers and brought our son his perfect life companion. We couldn’t be happier.

For 88.3 The Journey, I’m General Manager Mike Agee.