Thank You

“My husband and I have been laid off work since October. Just last week, he started back and hopefully it will now be full time again. On Friday, he came home and said the Lord told him to send $500 to The Journey. So, please find enclosed a check in that amount. This is a gift from God, to you, through us."

"May God bless you richly as you keep His word, through music, flowing into the hearts and minds of your listening audience. Thank you for being there and uplifting us in our temporary season of lack.”

Some days, opening the mail can be a test of our faith, as the bills and demands pile up. And then, on days like today, we’re reminded we are never alone on this faith journey. Thank you for standing with us, whether you’ve been able to contribute or not. Your prayers, kind letters and emails, and sharing your time and resources with us, all testify to the Kingdom work we’re doing together. To God be all of the glory and praise.

For 88.3 The Journey, I’m a very thankful General Manager Mike Agee.