We're Never Alone

I went to the doctor in Ft. Worth Tuesday to check on my shoulder. He said everything seems fine and I was cleared for whatever I wanted to try, including golf, which is good news, of course.  Since it was an afternoon appointment, that means I got to enjoy rush hour, something many of you get to do every day.  As I crawled south on the parking lot that is I35 southbound, I had occasion to watch many, many people on their scramble home.

I was struck by the diversity of the faces around me, no two alike, each intent on their destination, most with an inward-focused gaze, aware of their surroundings but puzzling over their day or over their life, all of them alone in their cars, regrettably, very few of them wearing a smile.  Of course, they were stuck in rush hour, so the lack of smiles shouldn’t have been too surprising.

Then it occurred to me, as I listened to my radio, that just like now, as you listen to your radio, we’re never alone.  The Creator God, who seems to enjoy diversity, color and beauty, is always with us and always watching over us.  And besides, you’re part of the Journey Family.  You’re surrounded by thousands who are blessed by the same music you love and who, at this very moment are probably thinking about and praying for you, as well.  How cool is that?

For 88.3 The Journey, I'm general manager Mike Agee.