Choices & The Unexpected

I’ve learned a couple of things over the years; choices matter and always expect the unexpected.  Eight years ago, I turned left instead of right and the ensuing accident changed the trajectory of my life. Not only did the unexpected accident shatter my left shoulder, it shattered the façade I had created for myself, projecting the image of being untouchable and having it all together. Four surgeries and months of physical therapy proved both of those things utterly false.

Now I experience the unexpected again. It seems the hardware that has been holding my shoulder together the past six years no longer wants to do its job. My new doctor says it has to come out, right now. So, I’m having surgery again, right now. Not just an arthroscopic “check on a muscle tear” surgery, but “let’s get serious, take the arm half off” kind of surgery. Again. 

Another choice two years ago altered the trajectory of my life again and I find myself walking with you on the Journey. And since we’re all about taking care of each other and being honest and open with each other, I need your prayers. Of course I’m nervous. New doctor. New hospital. Far from friends who saw me through a difficult time. Thanks in advance for your prayers and support. Wanda will keep you updated on our Journey Facebook page.

For 88.3 The Journey, I’m once again a broken General Manager Mike Agee.