What a Week!


We have a two-week window with engineers to build, move and reconfigure three studios.  As I write this, we are beginning the second week. Last week was a week of eighteen-hour days, with a 22-hour day thrown in for good measure, neck deep in cables, wires, equipment and studio furniture.  With a few more tweaks over the weekend, two of the three studios were ready to go Monday morning, ready for implementation of our new on-air system.  That started with the arrival of a factory engineer, as well as training for the staff on how the new system works and how we feed music, programming and voices.

The next few days should be interesting, to say the least. Your prayers, support and patience at my lack of opportunity to return phones calls and answer emails is appreciated, as I’m playing engineer gofer instead of general manager. The end is almost in sight. Tentative open house at this point is sometime the second weekend in June to show off the new digs.

Manager Mike



I’ve been talking about praying for us the past ten days or so on-air.  There are plenty of reasons why your prayers are so important.

Last weekend, a power outage knocked us off the air for a few hours and wreaked havoc with our computer network. Two major vendors for the radio remodel have gone silent on cost and availability of gear, leaving us with an engineer next week and no work to do at the new building.  And Jerry is in Michigan for the funeral of a close family member. He arrives back in Dallas Monday night around midnight.  That’s just three of many skirmishes in our lives as we approach Sharathon.

With all of this in mind, knowing how important it is to meet our Sharathon goal, I want to ask you for just one thing in the days and hours leading up to Sharathon.  Please pray for the Journey®.  I’m far more concerned with the spiritual battles than I am the financial ones.  Those are inconsequential, honestly, compared to the people involved in Sharathon. Please pray for my staff, for our volunteers, for our friends coming to help on-air, and for everything that runs on electricity in our building.  Pray for peace, for health, for rest, and for protection as everyone travels to the station.  There is a lion prowling around the Journey®, seeking whom he might devour.  But we know the King, and Abba Father has invited us to lay our petitions in His hands.

Thanks in advance for lifting us up.

For 88.3 The Journey®, I’m General Manager Mike Agee.

Just a Little Silly


This week has been just a little bit silly at the Journey. Spring Sharathon is coming, and everything involved in getting ready for that. In the last few days, I’ve placed orders for almost $70,000 worth of equipment and furniture for the new production studio, programming computers, phone system upgrade and studio transmitter links. Construction at the new building is complete. I was out sick with a stomach bug for a couple days.  And most of a hundred high school students are on campus for a film challenge sponsored by my other job as a university professor. Like I said, kind of silly around here. And it’s pretty obvious why we need your prayers and support.

Sharathon is days away. If you are new to the family, you need to know we are a listener supported ministry that exists because listeners like you believe in our mission and share their God-given resources with us. We’re doing something a little different this year. Our goal is a definitive $93,279, exactly what we need, looking at the budget and what we expect to receive from our monthly contributors. We will be starting the goal at zero, with no match money set aside, no built-in monthly total included. We want to be honest and transparent in all things, but especially with how we use the resources you share with us.

Over the next few days, please pray for the staff, our health, our preparations, friends who will travel to help with our Sharathon, work on our new studios, and of course, how you can be involved during Sharathon. I know it kind of a long list, but like I said, it’s been kind of silly around here. Thank you.

For 88.3 The Journey, I’m General Manager Mike Agee.