Growing Together - Sept. 30 - Oct. 2

Our annual Fall Sharathon celebration is just days away. Without the financial support of our listeners, this ministry can't survive, let alone thrive and grow. Being a small station with just a few people to do most of the work, we could use your help.

We need people to pray for us every day of the year. But it always seems like we need it more as we get ready for Sharathon. We seem to get busier, sicker and more things break in the days leading up to Sharathon. You might think the devil is working against us or something. If you can pray for us, please click here and let us know.

We also need help with answering phones during Sharathon and could use some snacks and refreshments for those volunteers.  If you can help as a volunteer, click here to send an email to our office manager to let us know how you can help.

And, of course, we need your support with a financial gift. The goal for Fall Sharathon is $100,000.  Our theme is "Growing Together." The growth we have seen in this ministry the past four years is nothing short of a miracle.  We believe we can do more as the Body of Christ, working together to encourage, uplift and change lives for eternity. We can't do what we do every day alone.

If you would like to give a gift online before Sharathon begins, we'll use your gift to challenge other listeners to become supporters of 88.3 The Journey. To send a gift now for our Fall Sharathon, click here to go to our secure online donation form.

Thanks in advance for your support of 88.3 The Journey.

September Music Test Active

A new Music Team Survey is open and ready for your opinion on the new music we are playing on The Journey.  Songs like Overwhelmed by Big Daddy Weave, Do Something from Matthew West and I Am from David Crowder, as well as some of our older favorites, 40 songs in all.

Click here to take the survey.

Thanks for taking the time and sharing your opinions on the music we play.  For the prize drawings this month, we've got one family four-pack of tickets to the Pirate's Cove Water Park, south of Burleson.  We'll do a random drawing from everyone who completes the survey by Monday morning, Sept. 8th at 10:00 a.m.

A Different Perspective

I was reminded again recently about how important perspective can be.  Wanda and I just returned from a couple of weeks and 5200 miles on the road, much of it driving to and from the Oregon Coast to spend time with our sons and visit friends and beautiful spots along the way. We wanted to drive through the mountains with the windows open.

When we arrived on the Oregon Coast, Wanda and I breathed deep the sixty-degree air, walked on the beach holding hands and marveled at how beautiful and tranquil it was as the fog rolled onto the beach. Our sons, who have lived there for a couple of years now, talked about the congestion from gawking tourists, high prices for food and fuel, constant chill and lack of things to do. I tried not to laugh as I thought about the difference in perspective.  I drove 2500 miles to be there and they couldn’t wait to be gone.

Paul tells us in Romans what happens today is nothing compared to the glory that will be revealed in us. I think it’s about perspective. We are on a journey and this is not our home. We are children of the King, made for eternity, not this flimsy stuff that tries to bind us to today. Where are you today? Try a new perspective.

For 88.3 The Journey, I’m General Manager Mike Agee.